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Marg Kapitan – President & Managing Partner

Marg has worked with beverage producers and distributors accountable for; working with brand managers on new product development, launch, strategic sourcing and procurement for packaging, indirect materials, promotional purchases and repacking. Included in her portfolio is Constellation Brands, Labatt Brewery Inc., Sleeman Brewery and Andrew Peller. Marg is excited to use many of these transferable skills in assisting her clients and team to develop a tactical partnership for bringing brands and their owners to readiness in various beverage market places!

Terry Weishar – VP of Operations & Managing Partner

Terry offers 21 years of industry experience and is integral in developing pricing modules pertaining to production, quality control and distribution of manufactured and finished goods. Terry has held positions in corporate environments such as The Brick Brewing Company, Formosa Springs and Moonstone Mechanical. Current and past accountability include implementation and execution of capital expansion programs for clients requiring liquid co manufacturing. A valued asset when partnering with brand owners to achieve beverage execution into market!

Sandie Bellows – Sales & Business Development

My passion has always been sales. My greatest attribute is building long term sustainable relationships with my clients. I am a people person who thrives on getting to know my clients and delivering the best possible solution for them, regardless of what product or service I am selling. I have a large network of people to whom I am extremely grateful for. People buy from people they like I enjoy doing trade shows, networking and meeting new people to introduce my products or services to them. I am honest, reliable and loyal. I believe in Knock Your Socks off Customer Service!

Peter Peso – Controller

Peter has joined CJI to assist in our growth and developing strong relationships with our customers and preferred vendors. Peter’s expertise is managing all financial aspects of the business with an” iron fist” on cost effective strategies. We are very excited to have him as part of our growing team.

Kyle Elsie – Production & Maintenance Manager

Kyle joined Creative Juiices Inc. working on the bottling line and has been a growing part of the team. Kyle has a keen aptitude for critical analysis and keeping the facility moving in a forward direction. A great asset with an infectious smile!

Roy Gay – Cellars & Blending Manager

Roy brings years of experience in blending and formulating still and carbonated products. His sense of ownership and dedication has made him an integral part of the CJI team and he strives to do excellent work for all our clients.

Kelley Douglas – Executive Services Manager

Kelley has extensive knowledge in the alcohol beverage industry accompanied by a strong background in managing client services, finance and project development. Kelley’s keen aptitude to detail, great energy and outgoing personality makes her a great asset to the CJI team and our clients.

The Buttresses:

Creative Juiices Inc. has an invaluable core group that surpasses any standard. Our employees past and currently enable the company to build and strengthen current business relationships while continuing to help develop new ones. The team has an exceptional standard and professionalism we are very proud of.

It is with this daily dedication and loyalty of this team we will continue to be successful.

When touring our facility they will greet you with a warm reception and friendly smile!