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Creative Juiices strives to provide beverage production, operations, sourcing and procurement, solutions for small to midsize beverage organizations and owners. CJI works very closely and as an extension to their clients to help develop, support, manage and deliver beverages conscientiously and economically within a multifarious beverage marketplace. This dedication and flexibility has given CJI a reputable name in beverage production and operations solutions.

Consulting Services
This fee covers the consulting services up to the first production run. These services include, but are not limited to the following; project management, product testing and setup, ingredient and packaging research and quoting, management Projects will not commence until this fee (minimum) has been reviewed and received.

  • Samples – Beverage (liquid bench samples, materials, packaging and labour)
  • Assisting with Creating Specifications – carbonation levels/pasteurization (pu), approved by brand owner
  • Qualified suppliers for materials and ingredients
  • Material Management Fee (in addition to co packing / cs)

Liquid Filling

  • Glass bottle sizes 187ml to 750ml.
  •  A specific bottle size of the customer’s choice is an option (change parts required)
  • Pressure bottle filler
  • Tunnel pasturizer
  • Carbonated or non-carbonated filling capability
  • 28mm and 30mm ROPP 30 x 60 aluminum bottle closures / crowns
  • Foil/PVC application on various bottle sizes
  • Pressure Sensitive Labeler with front and back & neck labelling capability
  • Packaged in: Master Cartons, Carrier Baskets, Trays & Wrap


  • Minimum of 2500 Liters
  • Maximum of 9000 Liters
  • All batches are single strength to the filler
  • Stainless steel storage tanks
  • Bulk liquid, tote and drum storage
  • Storage for dry bag and drum ingredients
  • Both ambient and refrigerated storage

Licences and Certifications

  • GFSI Certification (FSSC 22000)
  • CRA warehouse licence
  • CRA spirits licence
  • CRA wine licence
  • CRA brewers licence


  • Package Fills; Air and CO2
  • Secure Seal Test for ROPP closures
  • BRIX and Refractive index
  • Analytical and Packaging Data Reporting
  • Retain Sample Library (12 months storage fee applicable)
  • “In House” – micro testing and reporting

Strategic Sourcing Direct & Indirect Materials

  • Glass & Closures
  • Master Cartons
  • Labels & Decorating
  • Raw Ingredients
  • Freight

Warehousing and Distribution

  • 12000 square feet of ambient warehouse space
  • 1500 square feet of refrigerated cooler space
  • All product is stretch wrapped and palletized
  • Cases of product and hundreds of SKUs easily tracked and maintained
  • Timely inventory reporting
  • Conveniently located in St Catharines in Southern Ontario, close to the US border at Buffalo
  • LTL and TL freight companies have terminals within the area
  • Proven load pattern designs
  • Our warehouse, distribution and logistics experience is extensive. Careful handling and inspection at our warehouse ensures product leaves in excellent condition. Proper loading by our experienced personnel provides damage-free shipping for both domestic and international shipments.

Repack and Promotional Packing

  • Promotional & Seasonal Repack
  • Mixed packs of various bottle SKU’s
  • Inspection & Rework (packaging and finished goods)